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A collection of previous adventures

Nymeria - a commission, that drew from Game of Thrones references, was a blast to make.

Jim Morrison, a high school favorite - "I eat more chicken any man ever seen."  

I created this poster in tribute to Samson, quite possibly the greatest pit bull to ever roam the streets of Chicago.

Rico was born on October 9th, 2017 and became an official member of the Guimond clan 2 months later.  If Rico was to drop an album any time soon, this would probably be his album cover.

My first Umphrey's McGee poster.  I played with a bit of negative space with the hair and wanted to capture the essence of the awesome light fx at their shows.  Also, that tiger took me forever.

A fun little exercise on the "Low Poly" technique.  The style was a bit trendy for awhile but still looks pretty cool.

If you haven't seen "Broad City," you're truly missing out.  Charicatures of Illana Glazer and Abby Jacobson.

The internet can be awesome but can also be filled with toxic, perpetually offended and outraged folks.  This is a bit of a tribute to "outrage culture."

If you're a gym buff like me, Youtube can be a great place to find videos of personal training tips, meal plans, and over all healthy living.  There is also a weird, bizarre and outright hilarious and inappropriate cult following of a group of meat heads known as the Delray Misfits.  Lenny, one of the main characters, is certainly not a cookie cutter.

My billiards team is amazing.  But when we're not, we refer to ourselves as dumpster fires.  The name stuck and is now our official team name - complete with the "Dumpster Fires" branding.

Growing up, I was heavily influenced by classic Warner Brothers cartoons.  In the 90's John Kricfalusi revolutionized cartoons again - by creating them like they used to in the golden age.  John created Ren and Stimpy, quite possibly my favorite cartoon of all time.  He was my childhood hero.  Fast forward to 2008 and I found his wonderful blog about all things cartoons.  I sent him some of my digital inks of his drawings and he was very responsive.  After a few tips and back and forths, he sent me some drawings to ink for pitches and a spot in a car commercial.  The process above illustrates  - (Top) John's drawing, (Middle) My digital ink, (Bottom) John's color style.

Here's a couple more examples of digital inking that I did for John.